Girlsfair Ypenburg 2010

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Girlsfair Ypenburg 2010
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November 21, 2010 t/m
November 21, 2010

Assigment :

This year we were asked by the Foundation ‘VOOR Welzijn’ for the technical and organizational support of the GirlsFair. Where they wanted a stage which would be used for various workshops and performances.
DJ Jeffers made musical paddings between the performances.

Our plan :

The hard part of this assignment was the short amount of time we had in order to organize everything. Due to the withdrawal of a rental company we only had 1 week.
We were responsible for the stage, lighting, sound, electric power supply, furniture and the decoration.

In consideration with the organization we decided to choose for a 6 x 4 metre stage with a small extension at front.

To spread the sound as optimal as possible, within the established budget, we chose for a combination of flown top cabinets and a stacked set.
During the show there were 6 wireless microphones used.

In order to stay within our budget and at the same time create a beautiful show we chose for 16 Par56 lamps and 8 Fresnels.

The standing tables, market stalls, stage curtains and lighting on the fair its floor were as well provided and built up by us.

The day turned out to be very successful and the next event is being considered at this very moment.

Client :

Voor Welzijn

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Sporthal Piet Vink
Plesmanlaan 217
, Den Haag

 Girlsfair Ypenburg 2010
Girlsfair Ypenburg 2010

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