Marokkaans Berbers Festival

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Marokkaans Berbers Festival
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September 13, 2006 t/m
September 16, 2006

Assigment :

During the first Moroccan Berbers Festival in Wateringen there were several artists.

Because J.C. Sound & Light previously successfully worked with this organization, we were asked to help with the technique for this day / evening.

Because of the wide range of instruments, the challenge was enormous. Also because the organization was not clear exactly about what acts would take place.

Our plan :

We decided, because of the limited information we could get from the artists, to bring all types of microphones and effects with us. This allowed us to choose which microphone would be best suited for each instrument during the sound check.

Due to the large amount of equipment which we had brought with us, we took more space than a big festival, but with this given we were better able to make a perfect show, and were able to meet all the requirements of the bands and their sound engineers.

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Stichting Anoual

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Julianastraat 49
2685BB, Poeldijk