McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011

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McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011
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February 5, 2011

Assigment :

Around Christmas time McDonald's Voorburg made it possible to hang your Christmas wish in their Christmas tree.
This could be anything you wanted and the funniest, most original or best wish would be fulfilled.
On January 22 it was the big day and the presents would be handed out. As a surprise, there was not one winner but a lot of winners.
Ronald McDonald in person came to hand out the presents.
J.C. Sound & Light was asked to deliver the stage and sound system for this event.
Because the restaurant remained open for customers as usual, the built up and build down had to take place in a small amount of time.

Our plan :

In consultation with the location it was decided to have a small part of the stage built on the counter, so that the presentation was clearly visible in the entire restaurant.
Because the organisation expected about 150 customers, the best place to put the speakers was a considerable challenge. For it was not only important to have the stage audible to everyone, the speakers had to be placed out of the aisles as much as possible.
For this assigment we had chosen to use 4 12 Martin Audio cabinets and a 2 x 4 metre stage, with several steps, so that people could easily and at different places take their place on the stage.

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McDonalds Voorburg
Kon. Julianalaan 267
2273JG, Voorburg

 McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011
McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011

 McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011
McDonald's Christmas Wishes 2011

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