Kleurrijk Festival 2011

Name show :
Kleurrijk Festival 2011
Number of shows/day's :
Date :

September 17, 2011

Assigment :

We were asked by Stichiting Boog to provide the stage for the annual festival in Spoorwijk.

After a conversation with the organization it was decided that, in addition to the covered stage, would also provide light, sound and the electricity supply.

Our plan :

For this event we have chosen a covered stage of 4 x 6 meters.

The sound was not only important in front of the stage but also around the stage so that people at the fair, behind the stage could enjoy the event. Therefore we chose to place multiple speakers around the podium.

The light was very simple and was intended more for atmosphere than anything to light. The event was only during the day.

For power, we opted for an aggregate of 60KVA.

Client :

Bewonerscommissie Spoorwijk


Location :

Max Havelaarrstraat
, Den Haag


 Overdekt podium
Overdekt podium

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